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The CSCE Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition

CSCE Concordia will participate in the 2018 Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition. Engineering students from all over the country design, build and race canoes made out of concrete! The canoe must be 6 meters long and no wider than 0.9 meters while being able to float with 4 paddlers. Analysis and Design begins in the fall followed by Construction and Material testing in winter.

If you are interested in joining Concordia’s Concrete Canoe 2017-2018 team or just want more information please contact us:
1) By email: canoe.csce@ecaconcordia.ca
2) On our Facebook page: Concrete Canoe on Facebookimages

Concordia at the CNCCC 2016 competition

Concordia finished in 10th place out of the 14 teams attending the competition, an outstanding feat considering it was our first year. Notable achievements included the four-person coed team making it to the final 5 teams for the 400 meter sprint and the men’s team finishing in first place for their 200 meter sprint heat.