Concordia Society of Civil Engineering

          Concordia’s Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) provides academic and social opportunities for Civil Engineering students at Concordia University. Throughout the school year, CSCE Concordia coordinates and promotes events and competitions related to the field of civil engineering in order to encourage Concordia’s future engineering graduates to develop practical, hands-on skills required for the workforce.

         CSCE is an established society within the Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA) which represents the entire undergraduate, engineering student body. Together, we strive to encourage students to be a part of the faculty’s shear and slightly bending moments of awesomeness.

       CSCE forms teams to participate in the Concrete Canoe, Concrete Toboggan as well as The Troitsky Bridge Building competition. Through these competitions, determined engineering undergraduates receive the opportunity to apply engineering theoretical and practical knowledge to design and build winning entries. Being a part of a competition team is an exciting opportunity to meet new people and acquire skills that can’t be taught solely with a textbook in hand.