Concordia’s Concrete Canoe Team is composed mainly of the main sub-teams. These are mixing, structural, and construction.


Given that the objective is to build a concrete canoe, the most important element in the canoe will be the concrete mix that is used. It is this team’s job to research, test, and design the best possible concrete mix that can be used to make the canoe strong yet light enough to stay afloat.


Their job is to analyze the canoe and its environment in a structural and fluid-dynamics context. They then design the dimensions of the canoe in a way that makes it able to move quickly through the water and withstand the abrupt forces that it will experience during the race.


By far the largest sub-team, responsible for the manufacturing and finding the best methods to construct the canoe. It involves a diversity of skills requiring the students to work with different tools and materials. Also involved in supportive mini-projects such as the canoe transportation box, the support stands for presentation, and more.