Concrete Toboggan

The CSCE is looking for new candidates for the 2017-2018 Concordia Concrete Toboggan Team (CCTT). This will be the team's sixth straight appearance at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race and we are excited to see how we will do. We are hoping to top our previous year's performances with a larger team and a new and improved toboggan. We are looking for participants from all fields of engineering who want to design, build and ride a bobsled complete with a steering system, a braking system and sliding surfaces made of concrete.
This is an amazing opportunity to have fun and it is a project that looks amazing on your CV! If you are interested in joining the team or for more information please contact Christine Nucciarone (President)
You can follow our progress here:
Concordia's participation in the GNCTR wouldn't be possible with out the help of sponsors, like Moto Folie. A big thank you from CCTT!


Check out some awesome pictures of the 2014 Concrete Toboggan team!

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